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Father Josef's Background
Fr. JosefFather Josef Eugster is a Catholic priest, born in Switzerland in 1940 and a member of the Swiss Missionary Society of Bethlehem. For the past 30 years he has been living and working in Taiwan with Taiwanese, Aborigines and Chinese Mainlanders, maintaining the normal duties of priest for as many as seven communities simultaneously while also actively promoting the healing benefits of Reflexology.

It was in 1977 that he was first introduced to Reflexology through a book given to him by a friend who thought it might help Father Josef with Rheumatoid Arthritis in his knees. It did! 

Becoming a self-taught Reflexologist, Father Josef first cured himself and began to share the knowledge with his friends and parishioners with great success. And for the past 25 years he has gradually developed his own variations on the known techniques judging their value solely by the results, which were obtained. For nearly 20 years he has promoted the healing benefits of Reflexology on television in Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong and other Pacific Rim countries.

Father Josef has also taught Reflexology to blind and handicapped people in Taiwan assisting them in finding an ethical means to support themselves. Since Reflexology is highly sensitive to touch and intuitive feel, he feels their natural handicap can also become a significant advantage.

He is the author of a popular book "Reflexology-Health Method" (available only in Chinese) and has produced several videocassettes (one in English) "The Key to Good Health".

Father Josef successfully taught his method in Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bolivia. In 1992, he received a Doctorate degree from Medicina Alternativa Institute of World Health Organization, (WHO). It is estimated that by now, remarkably he has trained 10,000 students worldwide.

Father Josef was a keynote speaker at the 7th International Council of Reflexology Conference in Hawaii in 1999, where he received The International Humanitarian Award, recognizing his many years dedicated to promoting Reflexology, helping thousands to regain their health or receive training in a healing profession, capable of supporting themselves for life. He was invited back for the 2000 American National Conference held in San Diego, where he shared his method with some 100 attending practitioners.

On December 20th, 1999 more than 200 Representatives from Taiwan and throughout the Far East joined the annual conference of the Reflexology Association of Taiwan to celebrate Father Josef's 60th birthday. In his greeting address, The Republic of Taiwan's Premiers Hsiao Wan Chang, who attended the conference, expressed his "Gratitude and admiration for the tremendous work Father Josef has done for Taiwan and the Far East in such a short time."

Father Josef 60yr Anniversary

In December 2001 Fr. Josef has published his memoirs (biography) in Chinese, with the title "Contentment brings happiness". The content of the book is rich of life experiences and also tells the story how his reflexology method conquered the whole Far East and beyond. Besides, together with Dr. Eugene Cheng (former Chairman of Foot Reflexology Association of Taiwan) he published the book: "Fr. Josef's New Foot Health Method". With the Chinese theory of Yin and Yang it is much easier to give a convincing explanation of why and how reflexology works. With more then 200 illustrations the book quickly became a bestseller in Taiwan with the future plans of translating it into Japanese, Korean and English.


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